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Milwaukee Modern Chinese School: MMCS News

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Registration Open for 2017-2018
Sunday, August 27 @ 11:00:00 EDT by cmsadmin (182 reads)
MMCS NewsDear MMCS Students and Parents,

We hope all families have had a nice summer break. Welcome to a new school year!

The new school year will start on 9/10/2017 and we are pleased to announce that registration is now open. Please complete your registration for your child/children by 9/17/2017 to get $40 discount from the language class tuition. The total tuition displayed on the invoice is for the entire school year. Follow this link http://www.mmcsweb.com/cms/index.php (Click 'Registration') to register.
If you did the registration before today, please re-do because we cleared the system. Please come to class room 198 to turn in tuition, check or cash are accepted, check is preferred.


For those new teachers and students, school is from 2:00 - 5:00 on Sundays. 2:00 - 4:00 is language class and 4:00 - 5:00 is extra class. 


A few changes had been made for this school year, please see details below.


Language Class


1. We offer Jinan text book only for NEW students going forward, no Maliping text          books any more. Current students stay same. 

2. We will offer two more classes - Daily Chinese for Kids Basic and Daily Chinese  

    for Adults. 


Extra Classes


1. We are going to offer Violin (teacher: 刘卉吟Liu, Huiyin) and Erhu (teacher: 姚冰    

    Yao, Bing/薛求真Xue, Qiuzhen) this year.

刘卉吟 - 从小习练小提琴,毕业于中央民族⼤学音乐学院 本科专业:音乐表演(弦乐), 担任过                十多年的小提琴私人教师并曾拥有自⼰的小型室内乐团。 教学和表演经验都非常丰富。

姚冰 - 自小学习二胡已达到十级水平。 两年前曾担任中文学校的二胡老师, 今年和薛老师一起 

         重 开二胡班。

2. No GO class will be offered this year.

Admin Team
Milwaukee Modern Chinese School
Please reply to principal@mmcsweb.com

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School cancelled on Jan 17th due to severe cold weather
Sunday, January 17 @ 00:00:00 EST by cmsadmin (2830 reads)
The temperature this afternoon in downtown Milwaukee is pretty low, and it will be bitterly cold with wind chill. The admin team has decided to close school this afternoon. This instruction day will be made up on June 5, 2016

Parents, please contact your teachers for homework and CNY performance assignments. Thanks much for your support.

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Registration for school year 2015-16 is now open!
Sunday, August 30 @ 13:04:35 EDT by cmsadmin (1036 reads)
We are writing to inform you that our registration system for school year 2015-16 is now open. Please follow the attached instruction to get your kids registered effortlessly. There are a few very important things that we would like to mention to you: (A Chinese version of this announcement will be sent to you shortly)

1. We have redesigned the database behind the registration system, and we did not transfer old user data to the new database because the old database has been affected by hackers. Hence you must all re-establish a family account before moving on to the registration system. The good side is that we now allow two email addresses as the username, hence one of you in your family may remember your password. A related exercise is that the website now needs login before users browser student/parent/teacher tabs. This is again for safety reasons.

2. When you create your family account, please fill in all blanks, including a second email address and phone number. We won't share your information with anyone outside MCCC. We just need to make sure you can always receive our announcements, including emergency school close-out. Thanks.

3. Please do read the terms, and please let us know if you have concerns about any item in our terms. Please do let us know if you have intention to help out as a volunteer. Because of the free classrooms from Marquette, and ALL the volunteers over the past twenty years, MMCS has been able to operate a very low cost (for example, out tuition for language classes have been only increased by $40 per semester since 1998). Your contribution is very important. Thank you. 

4. The rest of the registration procedures are similar to those in the past. Please watch for email invoices from mmcsweb.com. Our website has been hacked so many times last year that most email clients will treat MMCS messages from mmcsweb,com as spams. Please do check your spam folder for the invoices. If you really miss the email notice, you can give it a try a few days later because we only send less than 200 emails a day, which is the limit set by the web host. 

5. Please do fill in the emergency contact form. We strive to provide professional service to you and your child(ren). This information is usually needed by any other school your kids are attending. 

6. The tuition for all classes are same as the last year.

You may have noticed that we have some changes in teacher assignments. As a matter of fact, we have four new language teachers and four extra-curricular teachers. We will try to communicate to your about them in the coming two weeks.

Our website (www.mmcsweb.com) has been cleaned such that hackers will have much less chance to get into our system. We are adding new security features in the coming weeks/months. You should be able to find a school calendar. It is still a draft because we are working with MCCC to finalize the new year party arrangements.

Thank you and welcome back.

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Friday, March 21 @ 11:02:03 EDT by cmsadmin (755 reads)
Wisconsin 2014 Annual Chinese Language Speech Contest (02/22/2014, UW-Milwaukee),
金龙 Heritage/LE (Lower Elementary)
Alexander Yang (杨子睿) Silver medal (第二名)

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Sunday, May 05 @ 01:38:51 EDT by cmsadmin (1456 reads)
MMCS News密尔沃基现代中文学校参加第十届威州中文演讲比赛
第十届威州中文演讲比赛今年移师密尔沃基, 于2/23日星期六在威斯康星大学密城分校举行。约有150名在校大,中,小学生报名参加了这次比赛,打破了历届的参赛人数纪录。密城现代中文学校继续表现了极高的热情,组织数十名学生参加了比赛。这些参赛学生不负众望,在各自参加的组别中摘金夺银挂铜,取得了骄人的成绩,于多个参赛的学校和个人中显示出强劲的实力。在此我们对获奖的学生和指导老师表示祝贺,也感谢所有参赛学生,正是你们的参与,努力和付出,才使中文学校越办越好,同学们学习中文的热情越来越高,同时也对在威州传播中国文化起到了积极的推动作用。


Student Name                  Class/Teacher Name        Category                                     Award
-------------------------     ----------------------------    ---------------------------------        ----------
Peter Boyland (汤守信)       9/Qiong Yang                  Partial heritage – high school         bronze
Joanna Boyland (汤守望)    7B/Huifang Liu                 Partial heritage – middle school      bronze
Alexander Cai (蔡明远)      3C/Yun Lei                       Heritage – upper elementary          silver
Alice Chen (陈晨)              KB/Wei Guo                     Heritage – lower elementary           silver
Laurel Chen (陈曦)           7A/Shan Lu                      Heritage – middle school                bronze
Erica Chen (陈书悦)           3C/Yun Lei                       Heritage – upper elementary          gold
Natalie DuCharme (杨雅娜) KB/Wei Guo                     Partial heritage – lower elementary  gold
Emily Hao (郝美良)            5B/Tianya Zhao                Heritage – upper elementary          silver
Max Hong (洪太阳)            2B/Qianhua Feng             Heritage – lower elementary            gold
Kevin Ji (纪恺文)               3C/Yun Lei                       Heritage – upper elementary           honorable mention
Kevin Li                          6A/Fen Wan                     Heritage - middle school                 gold
Ryan Li (李帅帅)               1A/Lianghong Zhou           Heritage – lower elementary            bronze
Cynthia Lu (吕月)             3C/Yun Lei                       Heritage – upper elementary           bronze
Brian Melching (杨明哲)      8/Baohong Sun                Partial heritage – middle school       gold
Christine Melching (杨微微) 9/Jiang Nan                  Partial Heritage – high school          gold
Marshall Peng(彭翔宇)       10/Nan Jiang                    Heritage – high school                    silver
Nathanael Ren (任近奇)      2B/Qianhua Feng             Heritage – lower elementary            silver
Cindy Tang                     5A/Fenghua Yang              Heritage – upper elementary          bronze
Karamea Tran (Jia Mei)    4B/Lijuan Wang                Non-heritage – upper elementary     bronze
Tiara Tran (Jia Li)            4B/Lijuan Wang                Non-heritage – upper elementary     silver
Teresa Wan (万佳雨)         9/Qiong Yang                   Heritage – high school                    silver 
Peggy Wang (王彧纯)        9/Qiong Yang                   Heritage – high school                    bronze
Ruilin Yan (阎瑞璘)           3C/Yun Lei                       Heritage – upper elementary           honorable mention
Yabing Yang (杨雅冰)        6A/Fen Wan                     Partial heritage – middle school       silver  
Carol Young                   3B/Ping Yao                     Partial heritage- upper elementary    gold
Derek Zeng (曾德瑞)        3B/Ping Yao                      Heritage – lower elementary            bronze
Jeff Zhao (赵康丞)           4A/Hai Yu                         Heritage – upper elementary            gold
Evan Zhao (赵健丞)         AP/Nan Jiang                     Heritage – high school                    gold

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